The use of drones in the real estate industry has become something that we’ve seen quite often recently. Aerial footage in the real estate industry is not new; helicopters and fixed wing planes have been used to great expense in the past. However, the use of drones to get that perfect shot, is. This media can be used for marketing purposes, brand exposure and advertising. Specific aerial elements can also provide a unique perspective and set the seller/real estate agent apart from the competition.

It’s the latest, cost effective way to show off properties to their full potential using a bird’s eye view, giving the prospective buyers the complete size, layout, and area of the estate.

Realtors knows the key to selling is preparing the home for market. They need the ‘Wow Factor’ – driving increased traffic and interest to their listings by leading with must-click aerial imagery. The other key thing is to influence early. To be able to positively impact customer impressions, attitudes, and predispositions before a potential first meeting, sets them aside from their competitors, in a tough market.”

A recent challenge:

  • 35+ Active listings in the estate
  • Average time on the market  – 45 to 60 Days
  • Higher priced property than nearby properties for sale
The home was among the largest and most expensive homes in the estate, and it was located in the vicinity to recently a completed apartment blocks. The home itself was immaculate.  It was well kept with a clean, spacious interior and a beautiful pool.  The kitchen was recently remodeled, and each room was well decorated.The realtor knew the property had to stand out from the other listings, so a professional real estate photography company was hired, along with a full motion narrated walk through video tour.  Part of that video included aerial photography for an eye-catching birds-eye view.

“The professional real estate photos and video really made the difference. Real estate photography is an art, and aerial drone footage created images and video that made you feel like you’re there in the room – that’s what matters to buyers.” – Realtor.The realtor was contacted by an international buyer several days after the listing went live.  The buyer had been looking for properties for several months and asked if this property looked as good as the photos.Within six days of the listing going live the buyer made an offer for full price, property unseen!

The buyer eventually visited the property and closed quickly.The buyer cited the professional real estate video as key element in their decision to buy the home. With a professional real estate video, the property listing truly stood out as one of a kind. The buyer had been looking in the area for several months and with more than 35 homes active on the market in that same estate, finding the right home from out of the country was daunting.