Drones & Solar Power

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There is something amazingly powerful about combining two technologies. Technologies that are transforming and reshaping our world – Drones & Solar Power. The combination of fuel combustion and wheels gave us the car. Combining computers and phone lines gave us the internet. Digital cameras and cellular phones together gave us… the ubiquitous selfie. That said, not only that. It also gave people who previously had no access to high quality and expensive cameras, the power to take beautiful pictures every day, no matter where they are.

Like most other drones, our drones in Drone Guards and Media Star operate using batteries – and batteries need charging. This is why I was interested when I found out about a company called Titan Aerospace. They had developed a drone which would have been able to fly nonstop for five years by harnessing the energy of the sun alone. The drones would have been used for scientific research, but the company has since been bought by Google. According to 9 to 5 Google, the Titan project was shut down in 2017. However, I believe that merging drones with solar power on a larger scale will become a reality in the future.

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Why Would This Be Important?

Let us start with security drones. While the charge of our batteries lasts long enough for patrols, the longer we can get the drones to remain in the air, the more useful the drones will be for their intended purposes. Or how about the drones used for firefighting or other life-saving efforts? Imagine how much more effective search-and-rescue drones would be if they do not have to turn back for a fresh battery. Of course, when you also consider that solar power is a clean, renewable energy, we won’t even need to continue this conversation. So let’s combine drones & solar power!

“You Won’t Be Able To Fly At Night…”

Like drones, solar power has come a long way. Clever engineers have solved the problem of limited sunlight hours with cost-effective battery solutions. It gets even better when you remember that both solar technology and drone technology are constantly improving. So what might be a stumbling block today will not be one tomorrow. It may sound like a fairy tale, but I am convinced that looking up and seeing the skies filled with solar-powered drones can become a reality.

While we are still in an era where legislation has to catch up with innovation, drones will still be improved upon. Will we look back one day and see that solar power was incorporated into drone designs as a standard feature? Or will we miss a great opportunity? I hope not. Leave a comment if you agree with me or if you think otherwise.

Our associated company Sky Robots is building an UAV system and solar technology is definitely on the cards for the future. For more information or for a chat contact us on Media Star or +27 (0)84 023 6114.

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