Drone safety – what you need to know

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We live in exciting times. The forward-thinkers of our time envision a future where drones are commonplace. Delivering goods and services wherever they are needed. The likes of Amazon testing and demonstrating their drone delivery system comes to mind. All of these

With all of these developments, however, we at Drone Guards keep the main goal in mind: Safety. While a study released by the FAA showed that higher drag on multi-rotor drones means that they fall more slowly than the same mass of metal would, we ensure complete safety in the areas we fly.

Why is safety so important when it comes to drones?

Safety is very important because drone pilots typically operate near people, property, and public roads. If a drone weighing 1.5 kg can cause injury and damage, imagine what a drone weighing 6 kg can do if it falls out of the sky from a height of 150 ft.

Since drones which are bought from a local toy store, are often seen as toys, there is still a

What measures can be put in place?

Since safety is our number one concern, we have a number of measures in place to either prevent or greatly diminish injuries and damages. Having standard operating procedures (SOP’s) in place makes a big difference. This forces our pilots to think through all the pre-planned safety items. Our safety and security systems are rigorously enforced to prevent accidents.

Drone Guards and Media Star take Drone Safety very seriously

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