Serious company, fun people.

As part of the UAV Aerial Works group of companies we bring years of experience to the table. Our pilots hold commercial drone licenses and we operate under the UAV Aerial Works Remote Operating Certificate (ROC) issued by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Who we are.

Seriously, we are fun and caring people to work with and think that you should give peace a chance.
Our agents are carefully selected and diligently trained. Our management team has a sprinkling of master's degrees backed by serious aviation experience.
Below are the official post-holders for UAV Aerial Work and management team of Media Star.


Accountable Manager & Aircraft


HR, Safety & Security


Operations & Quality


To implement an effective drone strategy we plan the outcomes diligently. From site inspections to safety considerations, every detail is scrutinised to achieve your objective. Airspace consideration are taken into account and any safety risks are considered and mitigated where necessary.


Once a plan is agreed upon we continue to the data gathering part of the operation. Drone images and video are in high quality and geo-coded for post-processing. We have Letters of Procedures in place most large airports and are authorised to fly in most circumstances.


Data processing can take the form of video editing or mass-image stitching operations. This is a human and computer CPU intensive process and can take from a few hours to a few days. The outcome can be anything from a snappy video to a point-cloud file for engineering purposes.


The job is done, for now. We deliver the required result in the format you want. Hopefully you pay us and we buy shoes for our kids. Our aim is a mutually beneficial long term relationship. You will not find us lacking in professionalism or commitment.

How we work.

1 We prefer long term relationships based on mutual benefit. The first step therefor is an analyses of your needs and how we can be of service. The first consultation is free of charge and after that at our agreed rate. The professional work we do is normally charged at an hourly rate, but retainer- or project-type deals can also be done.

2 Once we've done our planning, contracting is the next step. During this phase we agree timelines, who does what, and become very specific about action items. With all permissions in hand we execute the flights and gather data. With licensed pilots and committed agents you can rest assured that work will be performed within our standard operating procedures.

3 Delivery of processed data is achieved as soon as possible and delivered in your chosen format. We send you an invoice and thank you on behalf of our kids for your speedy payment. Because of our long term relationship we now go do lunch and plan the next project. Sometimes we even pay for lunch to show gratitude.